Everything Else.


Fire Fighting Machine.

There's always one person in every agency who brings the whole place down.

Always one person who isn't really up to pace with everyone else.

Always one person who's just a little bit shit.

There's a good chance that person is you, after all you are reading this rather than doing your job. But we're not interested in you right now, we're thinking about ourselves. We want to get rid of the dead wood and we're giving one lucky person the chance to make the decision on who should go for us.


The 5000th follower of our @fightingmachine Twitter account will be the person with the power in their hands. They will get to sack whoever they like and their word is final. The day after our 5000th follower arrives everyone inside Lean Mean Fighting Machine towers will be making a plea as to why they think they should stay. Based on those pleas (or just a general hatred for someone) our newly controlling follower's decision shall be made.


You game?  Good. It could be you.


We'll all get rewriting our CV's.



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