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Fired Fighting Machine.

On Friday we realised we were getting quite close to having 5000 followers on our @fightingmachine Twitter account.

As is the twitter tradition, we wanted to celebrate this number, but in an more provocative manner.

So we decided to let our 5000th follower fire one of us.

That follower ended up being @welshmike.

We all tweeted our pleas to him explaining why he shouldn't fire us (some weren't really pleas, they were more bribes and threats) and then on 5pm Monday  he was asked to make his decision.

Jim Matthews (@jimbo_84) got fired. Bless him.

Over the course of it all this we got quite a bit of stick, with people calling us words like 'sickening' and 'mean.'

Fair enough, Jim had been fired, but the twist was that he'd been fired for just one day, and this day won't be deducted from his annual holiday allowance.

A happy sacking.



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